2001 231 S Massey Ferguson Diesel Tractor
Lot Number:2A
Start Time:7/4/2023 4:00:00 PM
End Time:7/18/2023 10:00:00 PM
Bid Count:44
High bidder:149
Starting Bid:$2.00
Bid Increment:$250.00
Current Bid:$6,000.00
Bidding complete

45 hp Perkins diesel engine, 42 hp PTO, only 247.7 hours, one owner tractor, some rust on both rear rims, power assist steering, good condition, seat has a tear. This tractor was consigned by Ricky and Joyce Lawson. Click on the last pic to see a video of tractor running. Auction company reserves this tractor to load rotary cutter that is attached to the tractor. Rotary cutter sells separately as lot number 2B.

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If, for any reason, Barr Realty & Auction Co., Inc. is unable to make available or deliver any Purchase, or portion thereof, or documentation required in respect of any Purchase at time of pickup, the sole liability of Barr Realty & Auction Co., Inc., if any, shall be the return of any paid monies in respect of such Purchase upon its return by Purchaser.

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23. Bidding Notes:
If the “starting” bid is $2 and the asking bid is $2, a bid has not yet been placed on the item.
If the “current” bid is $2 and the asking bid is $4, a two dollar bid has been placed on the item.
The above examples are the only time that two dollar bids are allowed.
If you placed a bid for a certain dollar amount, then notice that another bidder has the current winning bid for the same dollar amount, it is because the other bidder had previously placed a “max” bid for the same amount. The situation indicates the winning bidder had actually placed the “max” bid prior to your bid but the bid had not yet been forced higher by competing bids. Your bid caused the winning bidder’s bid to escalate to the bidder’s “max” bid.

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25. After the online auction is completed, should a winning bidder be unresponsive to pay/pickup, does not schedule a pay/pickup or does contact Barr Realty & Auction reserves the right to, on behalf of the seller, assign a new buyer and price to initial winning bidders lot(s)/item(s).

26. Loading, Rigging and Dismantling Items:
While personnel at loading sites may assist Buyers, Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for the loading, rigging, dismantling, securing, transportation, and unloading of purchased goods. Buyer agrees to hold the Seller and Barr Realty and Auction Co., Inc. harmless for any property damage or injuries related to the loading, rigging, dismantling, securing, transportation, loading and unloading.

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879 Hillcrest Dr.
Brandenburg, Kentucky 40108
United States

PAYMENT & PICKUP: Thurs., July 20th from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT at 879 Hillcrest Drive, Brandenburg, KY 40108. Remember, if you purchase something that requires manpower for loading, you will need to bring your own help or equipment. Payment in full is due at pick up. Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check only. NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS. No items will be shipped, no exceptions.